11th Annual Symposium
June 15-17, 2022 | Cleveland, OH

Workshop B – 2019

Workshop B: Collaborating Across Campuses to Build Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


– Brandy Stanfield-Nagel, Georgia Institute of Technology

– Tiffany Bussey, Morehouse College

– Jennifer Sherer, Georgia State University

Workshop leaders will describe campus programs, activities and collaborations that have helped build the Atlanta entrepreneurial ecosystem. Best practices and lessons learned will be shared. Participants will then reorganize into their geographical regions (for example: West, Northeast and Southeast) to work together on their start-up ecosystem plans. The workshop leaders will separate and sit with different groups to facilitate table discussions. Participants will have ~10 minutes for introductions and to review instructions. Each table will have a list of questions and activities to work through together, such as:

  • What’s the current situation in your city/community/region?
    (Handout: Startup Ecosystem Canvas*)
  • What does each campus contribute to the local ecosystem? What does each campus need to grow to the next level?
  • What can we do together that we can’t do separately? Who do we need to participate?

Workshop leaders will rotate, bringing fresh perspectives to each table discussion. The last 10 minutes will include: 1) comments from the panelists as they each share an insight from the table discussions; and 2) comments from the participants as they share an idea from the table discussions.

*Handout: Startup Ecosystem Canvas: https://fi.co/canvas and https://fi.co/canvas_template.