13th Annual Symposium
Save-the-date: June 12-14, 2024 | College Park, MD

2023 Pre-Symposium Sessions

Experience A: Challenging and Advancing University Student Entrepreneurs: ASU’s Innovation Open

Hosted by: Brent Sebold, Director, Entrepreneurship + Innovation, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering 

Location: Generator Labs

The ASU Innovation Open is a competition designed to challenge and advance university student innovators who aim to develop hard tech ventures. We provide critical venture mentorship and funding for student competitors who are launching a hardware enterprise within a wide variety of cutting-edge marketplaces including but not limited to hardware solutions, IoT and social enterprises with a focus on conscious capitalism.

Attendees will learn how to effectively design and deploy the needed ecosystem elements to support budding university student entrepreneurs, how to sustainably operate the associated venture competition and how to successfully engage all the key stakeholders.

Experience B: Revolutionizing Learning through Virtual Reality: Visit Dreamscape at ASU and enter an immersive experience with virtual worlds, cutting-edge technology, and captivating storytelling

Hosted by: Dreamscape Learn at ASU

Location: Creativity Commons Building

At Dreamscape Learn we will explore the intersection of virtual reality (VR) and education. Dreamscape is an innovative educational platform developed at ASU that leverages VR’s immersive technology to create engaging learning experiences for students. 

Dreamscape is an important tool in modern education, as it addresses many of the challenges faced by traditional teaching methods. By offering a more personalized and engaging learning experience, it has the potential to improve student outcomes and increase interest in STEM fields. 

Through its VR-driven features, Dreamscape provides personalized feedback and guidance to students, helping them to learn and retain information more effectively, starting with biology and expanding out into the sciences and beyond. These learning labs enable students to work beside leading-edge science, arts, and engineering faculty to solve problems, engage with virtual worlds, and dive deeper into their learning.

During this pre-symposium, attendees will have the opportunity to experience Dreamscape Learn firsthand! You will have the ability to explore the platform and see how it can be used to enhance your own teaching practices. 

Logistical Information:

  • Pre-Symposium events will take place from 2 – 4 pm local time.
  • Experience A will take place at ASU’s Generator Labs.
  • Experience B will take palace at the Creativity Commons Building.
  • Experinece locations are a five-minute walk from one another.
  • Shuttles will be available to and from both Symposium hotels, departing the hotels at 1:30 pm local time.
  • Event staff will be on-site to help participants transition between sessions.
  • Shuttles will depart ASU’s Tempe campus at 4:30 pm local time to return participants back to the Symposium hotels. 

More information will be shared closer to the event date.